Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rare Dollhouses on eBay

If you follow Mini blogs you should know by now that two really cool modern contemporary dollhouses are/were listed on eBay.  I knew this prior to catching up on favorite blogs but it was interesting to read what others were chatting about these houses. Especially about the Summer House Rundquist Vintage Dollhouse., this house is amazing. I would love to own it.  It was first listed at 500 dollars plus shipping. Now that’s a little steep even for that rare/hard to find house. They re-listed for 400 dollars and now have a bid. I have to admit I got kind of disappointed because I was hoping to watch that house (decrease in price) like I did the Citadel dollhouse by Lolly’s. Hopefully one of my favorite bloggers will win this bid so I can at least read about it.  


Now this brings me to the Citadel dollhouse.  I have watched this house on eBay go from 1500.00(I know right) all the way down to 150.00 before finally getting a bid. I felt sad for the seller who disclosed that she has health issues and is unable to finish the house. I wish her well. It’s got to be difficult having to let go of your hobby due to illness. 


Now there is a new trend of dollhouses and kits on eBay listed at crazy high prices. Every one of them is so called rare/hard to find items. I know I have said this before but I will say it again, this is an expensive hobby. I can’t help but want them all. Thank God for self-control or I would have bid on a 500.00 dollhouse made mostly of foam core or a "pre-built" dollhouse with the side panel hard to close/open.    I dedicate this entry to the winners…may you get all the joy in the world from these favored dollhouses (and blog about them).

*Note: These are stock photos


  1. I know what you mean. I nearly bid on the Summer House myself and was hoping nobody was going to bid on it again so it would go even lower...I bought the Citadel over a year ago and it's amazing!