Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where is Everyone?

I have noticed a decline in Blog posts over the last year or so…Why? I know I am guilty of not posting often, mainly because I haven’t much to share.  I am still working on minis as time permits. I think I got my "Mo-Jo" back, I  have some new projects and will be sharing soon. I have discovered some great Miniature Groups via Facebook and Instagram.  I would like to share a miniaturist who I discovered late one night on YouTube. Her name is Laurie Heisler.  Her page is full of tutorials, templates, and Ah Ha moments. Check it out here Laurie Heisler YouTube Channel or Blog.  Really neat stuff there.  Some of the work that’s being done on this years’ HBS Creatin’ Contest is amazing.  You guys always blow my mind with your creativity and innovation.  Can’t wait to see the finish projects.  I have often wondered why I don’t see more miniaturists using Cork Board to make bricks. After sharing my work with a Facebook group in hopes of finding someone who has successfully used Cork Board as brick, I was referred to another miniaturist page Handmade Miniatures by Alma.  I was excited to see that it could be done and look so realistic. I still consider myself a novice in the world of miniatures.  Anyway, hope you don’t mind the shout outs of other miniaturist.  We should share, promote, and encourage each other.  Below are some pictures of my Cork Board bricks for the round structure of The Citadel by Lolly's. I attached the adhesive bricks to clear contact paper and added tacky glue for a firm hold. Then I randomly added bricks to look as though they were pushed out. I used Spackle as grout to fill the gaps. This sealed the bricks which was good to prevent the cork from crumbling. The last pic is the image a googled for reference. Painting is next.

Until next time…