Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Project wins and fails...

Hey Mini friends! It’s been some time since my last post. I regret to inform that I haven’t made much progress on HBS Contest Denise’s Cottage.  In fact, the work I had done is no more. I got fed up with ideas and scrapped the whole thing. I spent weeks staring at it with no inspiration. I do plan to complete it at some point for self-gratification.  Meanwhile, something wonderful happened recently that sort of became an excuse to slack off and eventually drop the project.  I have acquired my favorite of all dollhouses, Lolly’s Citadel.  Yes, I am ecstatic!  Needless to say ALL my attention has been on this house.  It came unfinished and missing some signature items but I will make it work.   After the holidays and my upcoming vacation, I plan to get to work on my miniatures. I can’t wait to share my progress.  Although, I haven't been working on my own projects, I have kept up with reading blogs. Can I just say that the HBS Creatin' Contest reveals are phenomenal? I can't wait to see the others.  Wishing you all well!

Here is my Citadel:

Friday, July 31, 2015

Things are coming along...

Sooo, How is everyone's summer coming along? I have had a busy summer and really looking forward to my upcoming beach vacation. I noticed that blog posts are at a all time low. Hopefully, its due to summer and vacations, I would hate to think some of you gave up blogging. I have seen some phenomenal work being done with the  2015 HBS Creatin Contest kit. I have started and stopped, and now started again. Here are a few updates on my progress:

 I started by playing around with the pieces of this kit as if it was a puzzle. I thought why not keep the original structure just move the sliding door. My only problem, I wanted the ceiling raised higher. If you notice from my first brainstorming for this build, I wanted to add a dormer for the top center. That proved challenging.


I knew that I wouldn't change the floor plan, so I assembled it and glued it down.

Through my many internet searches I found these:

It gives me the space I need and high ceilings.  

And this one has the dormer. Although it looks more like a slanted roof.
 So I began cutting and joining the two kits together.

 Figuring out the interior layout.

 Let's see what it looks like all assembled...

 This is where I am now. Trying to figure out how to put a dormer on top.

I made those stairs using wooden blocks.

I decided that I did not want the whole top floor, so now its a loft. I wanted the ceiling beams to be visible from the bottom floor. And to be able to see the bottom floor from the second level.

 I am obsessed with watching Tiny House shows. This is not quite a tiny house but I am building it with a tiny house concept in mind.
 This is what I have in mind for the dormer. Honestly, I may scrap it altogether...

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Henry Kupjack: Institute of Art in Chicago

It' s always nice to see Miniature Artists get recognition.  CBS News featured a Chicago based artist Henry Kupjack. His work is displayed at the Institute of Art in Chicago. I'm putting this on my bucket list of places to visit and things to see. Kupjack says it takes about six weeks to create a room and selling price starts around $100,000.  That's a lot of detail for just six weeks. His work is amazing!

His latest creation is a 19th Century Pullman Train realistic.

 You can see more of his work at
Credit: CBS News

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Miniatures in Italy

It’s been a while since my last Post.  Here are a few updates:  I have not started work on the Denise Cottage Kit. I have only pre-built(no glue) it and tried a few modifications…it’s not going well as I would like. I think I am subconsciously sabotaging my ideas. I don’t know, hopefully things will work out.  I recently went on vacation to Sorrento, Italy. It was just stunningly beautiful. I did all the things I wanted to do except tour Pompeii, so I will have to go back for that.  The food was amazing. I enjoyed every meal. It was a much needed escape from my norm, with rest and relaxation. While touring the Amalfi Coast, driving towards Postiano, there is a miniature version of the town Praiano. A local artist built the miniature clay structures along the cliffs just like in real life.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to see miniatures. Since I started this hobby all things in small scale fascinate me. I guess because I can really appreciate the time, effort, and passion put into making something small. I will share some pictures…Enjoy!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The ideas, the plans, the preparations

Now that I’m in…the ideas need to be narrowed down. I am going to alter this kit just a bit on the top. I am going to add a roof extension similar to these:

Some inspiration may come from these as well:

I like the idea of using exterior recessed lights for the front. But we all know I am electrically

I am thinking of using this design for the patio/deck area.

This exterior speaks to me most!!

 I am so excited about this project!!! Yay!!