Sunday, May 25, 2014

Exterior Update to Build-Along

 I have some updates on the Build-Along project. It’s been slow and steady. I received an email from Real Good Toys informing that the photos are due in the first week of July and not August like I had thought.  This means I am REALLY behind.  I have two vacations scheduled before the due date, so I have really been working to complete the exterior of this Townhouse. Yes, I have changed it yet again and due to time constraints.  I may have to nix the SPA idea too. At this point I just want to complete the darn thing. If it hadn’t been for my indecisiveness in the first place, I would have been further along. I just got to make it work. Here is my work in progress: 

 I had to cut out new windows.

 Then  fill in the gaps with 3/8 inch thick MDF to match the frame.

 I was going to use cork board as bricks but time would not allow it. I remembered I had these wood strips and I could use them instead. Done. 

 I am happy with the way it is turning out.

 I cut out trim and added siding to the front (I don't think I will have time to do the sides).

 The exterior is shaping up!!

 Testing out different windows and doors for fun.

 I settled on these and decided the bay window need something more...and voila!! I am extremely satisfied with how things are turning out. Stay tuned more to come!


  1. It looks fantastic! Keep up the good work.. when you have time ;P

  2. it looks great, how do I follow your blog? I'd like to keep up with your progress

    1. Thank you. I am working on adding followers. Google Friend Connect is no longer offered as way to follow.

  3. WAUW! The exterior looks amazing. I like that you played around with different doors and windows. Two totally different looks. 10 days till the deadline!!! Hope you are on track! Looking forward to the end result.

    gr. AM

    1. Thank you. I am a little behind but hopefully I will have the interior completed.