Friday, July 31, 2015

Things are coming along...

Sooo, How is everyone's summer coming along? I have had a busy summer and really looking forward to my upcoming beach vacation. I noticed that blog posts are at a all time low. Hopefully, its due to summer and vacations, I would hate to think some of you gave up blogging. I have seen some phenomenal work being done with the  2015 HBS Creatin Contest kit. I have started and stopped, and now started again. Here are a few updates on my progress:

 I started by playing around with the pieces of this kit as if it was a puzzle. I thought why not keep the original structure just move the sliding door. My only problem, I wanted the ceiling raised higher. If you notice from my first brainstorming for this build, I wanted to add a dormer for the top center. That proved challenging.


I knew that I wouldn't change the floor plan, so I assembled it and glued it down.

Through my many internet searches I found these:

It gives me the space I need and high ceilings.  

And this one has the dormer. Although it looks more like a slanted roof.
 So I began cutting and joining the two kits together.

 Figuring out the interior layout.

 Let's see what it looks like all assembled...

 This is where I am now. Trying to figure out how to put a dormer on top.

I made those stairs using wooden blocks.

I decided that I did not want the whole top floor, so now its a loft. I wanted the ceiling beams to be visible from the bottom floor. And to be able to see the bottom floor from the second level.

 I am obsessed with watching Tiny House shows. This is not quite a tiny house but I am building it with a tiny house concept in mind.
 This is what I have in mind for the dormer. Honestly, I may scrap it altogether...

Until next time...