Sunday, March 29, 2015

The ideas, the plans, the preparations

Now that I’m in…the ideas need to be narrowed down. I am going to alter this kit just a bit on the top. I am going to add a roof extension similar to these:

Some inspiration may come from these as well:

I like the idea of using exterior recessed lights for the front. But we all know I am electrically

I am thinking of using this design for the patio/deck area.

This exterior speaks to me most!!

 I am so excited about this project!!! Yay!!

I'm in....Let's build it!

Ok, so I bought the 2015 Creatin’ Contest Kit from sometime earlier this year.  I bought it because it had a modern look. Once it came in the mail I quickly placed it on the shelf with the other "got to have" kits I have been acquiring.  I had no intention on entering the contest. Since just about everyone is building this kit, I felt it would be fun to join in the building process (plus I needed a new project). Also this could be a great learning experience. I actually have several ideas in mind. I thought about a 2 story house …a condo with a garage under, a dance studio, a bakery…but I settled on a retreat/vacation getaway of some sort. I am also going to try my hand at landscaping this project. While internet surfing for ideas, I came across these two pictures. I think this may have been the inspiration for the Denise’s City Cottage Kit. What do you think?


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's time for bed...

I made these beds sometime ago and I thought I would share them...I used a tutorial from 1inchminis to make the mattress. And I can't remember who I got the blanket shaping using aluminum foil idea from, sorry. I am thankful for tutorials they help solve my mini The bed frame I made with scrap MDF, fabric, mat board, and cotton padding. You will see some other items I have been working on as well. I really need a new project.  And I have lost all interest in the Victoria's Farmhouse. I look at it and get overwhelmed.  Mainly because in the move last year, some of the pieces were lost. It was disappointing. I keep telling myself that I will reorder the missing parts but as of yet, I have not. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Oh and BTW, I now understand why so many of you work on multiple projects at a time. And why some of you don't use kits. You need that freedom to create your own ideas without being boxed in...I get it.