Saturday, April 19, 2014

So much to do...

So much to do with so little hours in the day.  I do contemplate what is relevant when I write these posts and try not to ramble. And frankly I over think it. From this day forward I am just going to go with it (got inspiration from some other bloggers).   

A few things about me…I am nocturnal. Yes, when most of you are sound asleep in your comfy beds, I am wide awake working.  This makes working on my miniatures a bit challenging. I try to squeeze as much time in as I can and work on small projects here and there.  My first house the RGT’s Victoria’s Farmhouse hasn’t seen much action this year. I have ignored all the work that is left to complete this house (Exterior and Interior).  I guess that’s why I am pushing myself to fully commit and finish the Build-Along Project. And that has taken on a life of its own. It started as just a small side project. SMH. I did find a great new tool to assist in my efforts. It’s a Dremel Moto Saw (a crafter’s dream tool). There are some great tutorials on YouTube if you want to check it out.   Below are pictures of the Dremel and my Victoria’s Farmhouse at its current status. 

As you can see I added an extension on the top floor. I plan to make the double window on the top floor into a french door leading out to a master suite balcony. Again, so much work to do...

 And yes its being used for storage...Don't judge me, lol.

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