Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Changes...

Hope you had a HAPPY EASTER!! My Easter weekend was great! I went to Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places).  I bought some fabric pieces and spray paint. So yeah, I have again changed the exterior for the RGT Build-Along Brownstone. It’s now going to be a stone creation of some sort. I had this idea to use cork board and spray paint. I did a sample test just to see how it would turn out and I must say that I am satisfied.  I bought the paint with a 40% off coupon, so it wasn’t too bad. I wanted to use the clap board siding but I found it was going to cost me a lot more. Plus it’s more challenging to create a look using unconventional items.  I am ready for the challenge.  Below are pictures of me playing around with the spray paint and cork board. It still needs to be tweaked. 

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