Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dollhouse Cruising on Craigslist

Sometime between the winter and spring months of 2013, I was cruising Craigslist for a Dollhouse. I know kind of crazy since I had just started on my first house but I was already searching for the next project. I found a handmade Georgian style house. It was a fixer upper. I drove 40 minutes to meet this woman (she was very nice).  Once I got there and saw how big the house was, I thought, “Oh no.”  I drive a 4 door sedan. This house was 48’W x 16’D x 28’H, huge!! Now remember I was still living in my Condo (small space). Somehow this woman and I got this house in the back seat of my car and it took some effort. How I got that house out my car and up the flight of stairs to my Condo is a mystery.  Now I am face to face with this monstrosity in my Condo (buyer's remorse).  Immediately called my best friend and told her about my latest adventure in impulse shopping.  Sad thing is I no longer wanted the house. She suggested I donate the house for a Charity Auction at her son’s school.  What a great idea!! So I did. Below are some pictures of the house. And, yes it sold.

As you can see, I had to repair windows and replace the door. They were missing.

The interior was filled with old ugly wall paper. Tearing it off was just too tedious.

 I decided to paint over the wall paper instead.

Had to restruct the interior walls in the foyer/entrance way.
The interior completed.

 The exterior completed.

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