Monday, February 24, 2014

A Year All Ready!!! What's Been Up?

I know it’s been a year since I last posted on this Blog. I started this Blog with the right intentions. I just did not follow through with writing like I should have.  As for an update to what’s new with my Victoria’s Farmhouse Dollhouse (RGT), its assembled, exterior painted, and some interior walls painted. I will post pictures soon.  I have been reading many Blogs and Mini Forums gathering ideas and techniques. I have made furniture after failing to get the scale right a couple of times. I feel like I have grown so much over the last year, though I would still call myself a novice. There is just so much to learn about Miniatures. This year I have decided to participate in the Build-Along Project 2014 with Real Good Toys.  It’s a cabinet but I plan to make some sort of townhouse or hotel. The most exciting thing happened yesterday. I have found a Highland by Artply on Esty. Anyone who follows the Miniature world knows that this house is one of the most wanted and hard to get. I was strolling through Esty as I do from time to time to find unique miniatures and there it was. I think it took me about 20 minutes to buy it. Last year I blew an opportunity because I was over thinking the price and space in my Condo. However, now that I have moved into a house with more space, I don’t even think I blinked. I just bought it. Anyway, until next time, BTW I am posting a picture of the Highland. Can’t wait to build it.


  1. Nice find! I a Highland on Ebay a couple of years ago and was so disappointed that it was missing most of the pieces. :-(. I'm looking forward to seeing the build!

    1. Hey thanks! I am hoping that all of the peices are in my kit. It was opened by the previous owner.