Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blue and White Striped Barrel Chairs

I recently bought these blue and white striped barrel chairs from Dollhousesdear.com . I thought they would go well in my Victoria’s Farmhouse.  I plan to use them in the dining room.  I made a dining room table (pictures coming soon) and hopefully it will pair together nicely.  These are the cutest miniature chairs.  It is difficult to find modern style miniature furniture and if you are lucky enough, they are expensive. These were reasonably priced. I adore them.


  1. Hi, could I suggest (if you haven't already) look in on this blog http://minimodern.blogspot.co.uk/ as a port of call for where you can buy modern miniatures. Mini Modern has links to other blogs, shops and miniaturists and also posts some fab ideas for utilizing things around the house into mini scenes =0)
    Pepper x

    1. Thanks you, Pepper! I am a huge admirer of your work. (this makes me smile) And yes, I do frequent the Mini Modern blog. You might even call me a stalker, lol.