Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's time for bed...

I made these beds sometime ago and I thought I would share them...I used a tutorial from 1inchminis to make the mattress. And I can't remember who I got the blanket shaping using aluminum foil idea from, sorry. I am thankful for tutorials they help solve my mini problems...lol. The bed frame I made with scrap MDF, fabric, mat board, and cotton padding. You will see some other items I have been working on as well. I really need a new project.  And I have lost all interest in the Victoria's Farmhouse. I look at it and get overwhelmed.  Mainly because in the move last year, some of the pieces were lost. It was disappointing. I keep telling myself that I will reorder the missing parts but as of yet, I have not. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Oh and BTW, I now understand why so many of you work on multiple projects at a time. And why some of you don't use kits. You need that freedom to create your own ideas without being boxed in...I get it. 


  1. Great work! Love the colors you've used :D!
    Wishing you a nice week,

  2. It's so true. Sometimes I think if I had two projects on the go I'd actually get more done! I get so overwhelmed with one project that I seem to cease doing anything.
    These beds are so beautiful! I love love love the fabric. And the quilting on the green covers is darling. It's such a cute scene.
    I hope you find something that inspires you to get back into a project or start fresh! Hugs! :)

  3. I love your beds. And that Gumby rocks. From great frustration comes great inspiration, don't give up!

  4. I love those beds! How to make a bedspread is a very clever solution. Now I have MUCH inspiration :)