Friday, August 8, 2014

Now! Its about Minis...


It’s been a great summer!  I have done some traveling, saw some family, made some friends, and saw some minis. What more could you ask for…well I haven’t been to the beach yet. (Insert sad face) One of my vacations was to the big state of Texas. Dallas that is…Home of my favorite football team…Yes, You guessed it right, the Dallas Cowboys!! The best part of my visit was the famous AT&T Stadium. It’s Huge and it was my third tour, it never gets old. We also stayed at the Gaylord Resort, my other favorite place in Dallas. Again, everything in Dallas is big and that includes the Gaylord.  Throughout the Gaylord they have various miniatures and a really cool train set.  Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of the train set but I got a really good picture of a mini replica of the Gaylord Resort made out of Lego's.  Check it out:

** I have updated this Post...I felt I needed to remove what I previously shared. This is after another blogger posted something "tougue-in-cheek", that I felt referenced my post.  I am a very positive person and do not believe in tearing others down, not even to gain readers for my blog.  Thank you to all who read my blog. I am passionate about my hobby and enjoy sharing with others my experiences. I will keep my postings about miniatures in hopes of not offending anyone. Until next time...

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