Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Surprise Package

Happy Hump Day!! Hope you are all doing well this great day. Yesterday, I received a package in the the mail from Real Good Toys. They sent out a thank you note offering 20% off my next purchase and a T-shirt. It was a really nice gesture since the Build-Along was not a contest and I did not expect to get anything. I think the project was great for a "newbie" like me. I enjoyed the process and learned a lot. They are suppose to have the photos up today (YAY!). I can't wait to see what others have created.  Anyway, thanks Real Good Toys!!

                                                                       The Front

The Back


  1. It is nice that they sent you something. Obviously they want to keep you as a valued customer but still, not many companies would send you anything =0)

  2. What a very kind gesture, Shawn! They didn't have to do this, huh? Good marketing too ;).